Up to 60% of the adult human body is water, and you need to drink half a gallon a day to keep it that way.  That’s a lot of drinks.  They ought to be good.  Really good..   Plus you might want something tasty to go with all that hydration, as well as a nice place to sit and relax, maybe meet some friends.
Check, check, and check. We’ve got all that.  Cupacity.
Cupacity = Coffee + Community.

About Cupacity

We know you have a choice where you live. But if you don’t live in Lincoln County, then it’s probably because you’ve never been here.

If you had, then you’d know what we know: this is a place where you get to be yourself. If that’s for you, then come on up for a visit.  We’ve got it going on year-round: summer, fall, winter, spring and mud season.  Book early though if you want to be here for King Tide in the back parking lot.  

If you want to be with the locals while we’re being ourselves, Cupacity is open Monday-Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm., Closed Sundays. 

Don’t Be Confused

Just because we have fussy looking European machinery, please do not confuse Cupacity with those outfits that don’t let you sit down or use the bathroom.  Make yourself at home.  Rest assured that we sit down and go to the bathroom too. Go ahead and use the Wi-Fi. We get it. Now we may want to start a conversation, but keep in mind we are here 54 hours a week and can use the distraction on occasion.